HID Kits: Just What Your Vehicle Needs

HID Kits: Just What Your Vehicle Needs

HID Kits: Just What Your Vehicle Needs

Choosing that ‘just right’ HID kit

After scrimping and saving for a long time, we may finally manage to acquire our favorite automobile. However, the next step will be its eventual modification to change the stock vehicle into a really flashy machine. And, speaking of a really ‘flashy’ mod, HIDs fit the bill quite literally, indeed. Furthermore, unlike most other performance upgrades such as engine and suspension enhancements, most advantages of putting in expensive modifications tend to disappear under the hood of the vehicle. However, an HID upgrade for the headlights of your car is abundantly and instantly visible, every time you flick on your light switch, so to speak.

Currently, just about any car being manufactured, either in Milwaukee or Detroit or any other American city, comes suitably equipped with high powered halogen bulbs as standard. Such a lamp gives off its light by running a high voltage current though its filament. This filament then proceeds to burn at an extremely high temperature in order to cast a powerful glow around it. This glow in turn, is directed in a specific location, courtesy the reflectors present in the headlight.

The set up works well in most conditions, but may not perform up to expectations when the vehicle may have to travel on really dark roads or any other low light conditions, when it may be necessary to throw the beam as far as possible.

This is where an HID or High Intensity Discharge kit comes into the picture. The main advantage of acquiring one is that once you have installed an HID in your car, your low light problems may literally disappear in the proverbial “blaze of light”.

This is because the HID equipped headlights are markedly different from your regular OEM halogen lamp. While the latter throws a comparatively weak beam of light that may allow visibility up to a certain distance in front of the vehicle, the HID does not just light up the immediate vicinity of the front of the vehicle, but also illuminate the peripheries of the road so that you can easily avoid any potholes, stones, falling tree branches or any other unseen obstacles that may be lying in the path of your vehicle. This holds especially true when driving at high speeds.

With an HID installed in your vehicle, what you may have hitherto considered a really dangerous road may well end up becoming a truly pleasurable and safe drive, for not just you but your passengers as well.

There is a variety of HID kits to choose from since they are designed for different purposes, as per the driving needs as well as the requirements of the vehicle owner.

For example, should you be living in an area that is prone to unexpected fog or mist, then you may think about upgrading to a low power HID unit that will illuminate the immediate area all around your vehicle so that you would be able to in effect ‘pierce’ the fog easily enough. Similarly, a bright and brilliant white HID beam would be able to increase your overall visibility substantially, even when tackling mountain trails in a rural location. Ultimately, whichever kit you choose will depend entirely on the kind of environment in which you drive your automobile.

Overall color and brightness of the kit

When choosing an HID kit for your car, it is pertinent to understand just what utility you may want to derive from it, especially with regard to the brightness and color of the beams. This is because an overly bright white light is quite capable of blinding the drivers of other on-coming vehicles. As a matter of fact, it is considered downright illegal to use extra high-power beams in many urban population centers according to the local laws as they apply in different counties and states.

This is why you should always try to understand the potential utility of the HID kit you want to buy before opting for this upgrade. Safe and happy driving!

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